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Focus on your core business:
we'll handle payroll

Compendium is revolutionising people management through outsourcing. This paradigm shift allows companies to entrust the accounting and administrative aspects of payroll and personnel management to industry experts. A winning combination of best practices, up-to-date knowledge, and cutting-edge technology that can efficiently optimise business productivity.


From the very first moment, companies will enjoy significant time savings and unprecedented economic convenience, allowing them to dedicate all their resources to what really matters: their core business. We will handle all the administrative and bureaucratic activities related to the personnel management, processing payroll and accounting documents via an IT system that automatically sends the documents to all staff.

We will create a fully digitalised turnkey payroll and post-payroll service tailored to each company's needs, supported by next-generation software. Your business strategy will never be the same again. Companies can choose to submit individual documents to the competent authorities, or delegate to our consultants, who will remain at their disposal.

The unique selling points of the service


Integration and scalability




Personalised advice

A big plus

Our professionals will provide advice to support your business every step of the way, offering the best solutions to grow your business.

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A selection of the Payroll services that Compendium consultants offer:

Payslip processing with legal and contractual adjustments

Creation of channelled flows for salaries, human resources

Producing statistical or management accounting reports

Tax/social security forms and periodic/annual returns

UNIEMENS processing – Payroll and contribution processing

Self-settlement of INAIL contributions

Completion, reconciliation and electronic submission of form 770

Completion of forms required by the collective agreement

Publication of monthly labour costs

Mandatory reporting/communication of disability information sheets

Issuing and sending communications to employees

Production of annual tax and social security certificates

Updating of mandatory records

Monthly reports

Fulfilment of legal obligations related to hiring

F24 processing

Income certification processing

DURC release requests

Severance processing and control

Submission of IRAP statement

Payroll generation and publication

Securing contracts, terminating/assigning contracts, transfers

Management control for labour costs

A real turning point for personnel management

There are many reasons why companies of all sizes choose Compendium: the customised service, tailored to the needs of each company; the modular approach; the clear and highly competitive pricing scheme; the expertise of the labour law and financial consultants; and the advanced software that allows for automation and integration.