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Forecasting, budgeting and reporting: we can help your company grow.
Working alongside our customers.

Companies grow and evolve, just like the people who keep them running every day. Every company, be it a small business or a multinational corporation with branches around the world, is really a living being that needs to keep one eye on the future, follow a proactive approach, and set strategic business objectives every single day.

We therefore believe in the importance of data analysis, and always strive to create customised reports for our customers. At Compendium, we see forecasting, budgeting and reporting as three sides of the same coin: together, they can measure the real relationship between a company's mission and its production status, as determined by numerous contingent factors.

Like a tailor fitting a suit, we will prepare rapid yet detailed custom reports, with a particular focus on deviations and analyses, and any data that is important for the development of the core business. For example:

  • We create and present overviews for the performance of each company role
  • We create reports to monitor labour costs in relation to sales trends, drawing a comparison between the plan and the previous year
  • We create monitoring reports on employee absenteeism and its causes, sorted by department/sector/company
  • We monitor productivity per hour worked or in relation to sales (depending on the individual customer's parameters)


“IF YOU CAN MEASURE IT, YOU CAN IMPROVE IT!”: this is the mantra that drives our business every day.

We therefore use comprehensive, rapid and interactive next-generation business intelligence tools to allow our consultants to provide optimal and flawless services, backed by integration and automation systems to minimise the margin of error.

The unique selling point of the service


Rapid analysis


Comprehensive and integrated solutions



A big plus

Detailed and rapid reports highlight the most important data to develop your core business, backed by BI.

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La vera svolta amministrativa per la gestione del personale

Un servizio customizzato, costruito ad hoc sulle esigenze di ogni singola azienda, un approccio modulare, uno schema pricing chiaro e altamente competitivo, la competenza di consulenti esperti del settore giuslavoristico e finanziario, il supporto di software tecnologici grazie ai quali ottenere automazione ed integrazione: sono tanti i motivi per cui aziende di qualunque dimensione scelgono Compendium.