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Our unique selling points

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The security of reliable data helps
every business grow

Compendium is a trailblazer in the world of global payroll, offering advanced services such as creating complex and highly customised pay systems; attendance tracking; payroll processing; employment consulting; human resource management; and preparing personnel budgets and ad hoc reports. Looking beyond HR & payroll, our services also span management control, analytical accounting and financial strategies tailored to specific business objectives, as well as innovative business intelligence opportunities.


As an industry innovator, Compendium's core business is an integrated, automated and turnkey management system, enriched with specific advice from the expert professionals that make up the Compendium group (SpA and STP). This is the true heart of Compendium's identity. The services on offer can be standardised and automated by way of cutting-edge technological tools that streamline business processes for both the HR & payroll and accounting areas, guaranteeing considerable time savings and more efficient management.

Thanks to our professionals' extensive industry knowledge, we offer impressive customisation to suit the needs of each company. We can therefore establish the ideal balance between standardisation and customisation, allowing the company to obtain a better understanding of its business and to successfully pursue its strategic objectives.

10 reasons to choose Compendium

  • Equilibrium and Awareness

  • Proactive advice

  • Up-to-date regulatory knowledge

  • Rapid and reliable data processing

  • Labour law and financial skills

  • BI integration and tools

  • Customised services for each company

  • Clear and competitive pricing scheme

  • Automated management of business processes

  • Modular and scalable approach