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compendium payroll

compendium payroll

Mission and values

We are the ideal partner
for any type of business

Compendium's mission


“To help every company, small or large, to concentrate their energy on their core business, handing all HR, financial, accounting and administrative activities with the utmost professionalism and at a low cost.”

Derived from the same root as the Latin verb 'compendio', meaning "to place and balance two elements on the same scale", Compendium's core business is based on awareness and equilibrium. Through our consulting work, in which we process, reclassify and carefully and rapidly analyse all of the numbers that make up a business, we are able to measure company performance in real time, offering solutions to bring equilibrium to each asset.

Equilibrium is in our DNA





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Our expert consultants are constantly learning and evolving, in parallel with our cutting-edge technology, forming the ideal foundation to help your business succeed.

Compendium is therefore the ideal partner to help your company grow with the right management strategy: equilibrium is in our DNA. We can help any company to overcome the challenges of the market thanks to our well-informed and up-to-date professionals and our proprietary technology, which can digitalise, automate and integrate every business process. A new management paradigm based on organisation and innovation at every level.