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General and analytical accounting services

To maintain your company's success,
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We offer a range of services to ensure effective company organisation, including: consulting on administrative and accounting matters; applying the national standards for each country; designing or adapting charts of accounts and accounting manuals; verifying and analysing costs; forecasting, budgeting and reporting; scheduling; and analysis of the company's organisational structure.

To ensure maximum precision and reliability, we rely on an innovative accounting management system that allows our professionals to produce advance and final information at any time, taking all of the guesswork out of their strategic, economic and financial planning. They can also utilise a selection of innovative business intelligence tools.

To support this service and help every company to plan the right management and financial strategy we draw on the expertise of our consultants, controllers and financial specialists, customising every element of the P&L statements. We also employ cutting-edge software with an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface: the administrative manager or the CFO can therefore check the company's situation directly from the restricted area at any time and from any device, enjoying an instant overview of all their desired indicators.


Compendium's services include:


Ecco alcune delle attività di Compendium:

Produzione mensile di P&L

Calcolo indici mensili - GP - EBIT - EBITDAR - CDL - EBITDA - PAC - CASH FLOW - ecc.

Gestione reporting con delta vs LY e scostamenti vs Budget

Reporting flussi di cassa per mese e per banca

Schemi di monitoraggio sul costo lavoro

If you can measure it, you can improve it!

Our organisation system allows us to create up-to-date monthly financial statements, according to the customer's needs, divided by cost centre, analysis centre, and production centre. We create multiple charts of accounts, one for analytical accounting and one for general accounting, to provide P&L statements with clear information based on timely allocations and reporting. This allows you to keep every aspect of your company's business under control, every step of the way.

Accurate and rapid analysis for effective management control

Today more than ever, companies need to focus on future planning, creating a business management strategy that can adapt to our changing world. Identifying potential critical factors and designing a customised management control system will allow your company to face any situation.

At Compendium, we therefore offer a comprehensive and flexible analysis and control system that extends beyond the economic elements to encompass the monitoring and analysis of every aspect: management, assets and finance.

We project in real time – using the most suitable methodologies – based on your company's strategic, economic and financial performance. Each company therefore has the power to check the evolution of their needs at any time and take the necessary actions to guide their business, backed by a strong understanding of their situation.

Our forecasting activities, based on reliable data and customised reports regarding the company's accounting information, also play an essential role in predicting costs, revenue and business trends, managing productivity according to strategic business objectives.

Our strengths lie in our customisation, precision and proactive advice:

“If you can measure it, you can improve it!”

The unique selling points of the service




Knowledge of the data


Proactive advice

A big plus

We can identify potential critical factors and design a customised management control system to help your company face any situation.

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